HDI has an extensive portfolio of assignments that we have conducted for our clients. Below we provide a few examples that best represent our work.

Liberia Health Sector Pool Fund

HDI is currently the fund management firm contracted to manage the US $85,000,000 Liberia Health Sector Pooled Fund, which we designed in 2008. Our role is to manage the fund on behalf of its contributing donors and the Government of Liberia, as well as to manage the fiduciary risks associated with using the fund. We also support the governance arrangements, including development of all fund related agreements and procedures for fund operations.

Uganda Health Basket Fund

HDI was hired by Belgian Technical Cooperation to design a results-based, joint government-donor basket fund within the Ministry of Health that operationalizes the new Ugandan Health Financing Strategy in support of implementing the Health Sector Development Plan.

Independent Evaluation of the New Deal

Our team led a project with the Brookings Institution to evaluate the implementation of the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States to date. We conducted in-depth interviews with all major g7+ country, donor, and civil society focal points for the New Deal to evaluate the success factors and constraints of the process thus far.

South Sudan Partnership Fund

We were recently contracted by DFID to support the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) and the World Bank to design a new US $500,000,000 New Deal Partnership Fund based on the principles enshrined in the New Deal for Fragile States. It included defining the governance arrangements for the fund, identifying funding windows, determining risks affecting the fund, and tailoring the fund’s design to the needs of the donors and the GRSS.

Policy and Field Guidance

We recently supported DFID to develop its policy and field guidance for the use of multi-donor pooled funds to support service delivery in fragile and conflict-affected states. This research included conducting case studies prominent pooled funds, identifying lessons learned, trade-offs between design features, factors that enabled or constrained implementation, and making recommendations for country offices interested in establishing or supporting a multi-donor pooled fund.

South Sudan Health Pooled Fund

We were also contracted by DFID to support the design, oversight, and evaluation of the US $180,000,000 Heath Pooled Fund in South Sudan. In this assignment, we developed the terms of reference for the fund management firm, as well as terms of reference for the long-term evaluation agent contracted to evaluate the fund over its lifetime. We provide on-going support to DFID for the oversight of the management firm and designed the overall evaluation methodology.

Evaluation of SHTP II

In 2012, HDI was contracted to conduct an evaluation of a US $56,000,000 capacity building and service delivery project (SHTP II) within USAID South Sudan’s program portfolio. HDI collected and analyzed evidence through document reviews, stakeholder interviews, and case studies. The final evaluation report is published on USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse.

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