We strive to ensure our clients achieve their goals by:

  • Program Design: Strengthening the relationship between the goal of financial assistance and how aid programs are designed. We help our clients to understand the trade-offs that exist and the related outcomes they should expect.
  • Sustainable Management: Creating solutions that reinforce country ownership, institutional capacity, and long-term sustainability. When results matter, we help to develop approaches that meet the immediate needs and will be effective far into the future.
  • Evaluation: Learning from what has been done to inform and improve the way in which aid is delivered. We help our clients to monitor and evaluate financial assistance to improve the value for money attained.

We firmly believe that the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States provide the way forward for more effective development assistance. Therefore, we tailor the technical support we offer our clients according to these global commitments.

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